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"Pair o Dice" Design.

Our start-up company specializes in all that is cool: Games, Design, Technology Tools, History and many other related fun fields. "Quality" is our zen word. Attention to detail, defines us.  Our solutions and designs are Simple, Elegant, Focused.  Yet we never ignore the "Big Picture".

Some of us are Apple users and programmers since the early 80's. Some of us find the combination of Diesel cars and Glade skiing irresistibly attractive. Some of us are engineers, project managers, boardgamers, computer gamers, fanatics in many fields, never ordinary.  And yes, we love pets.

Come along and get to know our Team, our Products, our Passions!

Get to Know Us.

  • Our Story

    At the very start of any project we will take the time to assess your needs, your vision, your goals. We will offer a clear path leading to project success, we see the forest for the trees.


    Design is our passion. Our creative process management was created to adapt itself seamlessly to your changing business needs using agile development.  


    Our company is recognized for its continued involvement and support after project delivery. We understand and welcome your ever-greening needs.  


    Engineer, designer, history buff, skier, computer addict, game fan & collector. Jack of All Trades, Master of None. I have a knack for well-made stuff, as it's a thing of beauty. Know from my bouts of "brain-storming" introspection, I never leave a stone unturned. No Retreat!

    Lucius Licinius Mad Coder

    Rumoured to dream in Latin, I also know many other, machine, languages. Friends tell that I'm "Vulcan" logical in my work. I have a passion for reading old books, and watching black & white movies. Rosebud!

    Laura Aubin Creative Genius

    I Love the world and everything in it. Many think of me as a Lost Flower Child. When the muse of creativity does not sing in my head, I am known to travel far and wide to gather new songs, smells, vistas and experiences. Tune In!


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Our Expertise.

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Design & Project Consulting

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Strategy & Probability Modelling

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Historical Research

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Decision Trees

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U-Boat Peril! (State of Siege Game)

Future Projects

No Retreat! 1 (The Russian Front)

Published Game

No Mercy! (Simple NR! Game)

Future Projects

No Retreat! 2 (The African Front)

Published Game

No Retreat! 4 (The Italian Front)

Design in Progress

No Retreat! 3 (The French Front)

Published Game

Our Thoughts.

Various odds and ends published on the spur of the moment: flashes of genius, or bouts of folly? Inspiration or delusions? Hopefully they will make you think, react and respond. We'll strive to be not too dull. And here we go… No Retreat!

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What's the Buzz.

  • "Eastern Front '41 to '44 in 4-5 hours. Plays like a dream, keeps you fully engaged. Lots of great evolution of classic wargaming concepts. A tour de force. Plays like a dream, keeps you fully engaged. A tour de force."

    SCOTT MULDON via Boardgamegeek
  • "No Retreat! 1: The Eastern Front. I've played this game more in the past 4 months than any other game. It is a blast to play."

  • The No Retreat Series, Five Titles planned. Three Already Produced. . "This game could take a life time to master, no kidding... very cool game."

  • "Superb game. Manages to represent the entire war in an elegant and logical fashion. The card system is brilliant, enhancing the game rather than detracting, an all too common flaw… Highly Recommended"

    WILLIAM COLE via Consimworld
  • "I have just finished my first three solo plays of No Retreat, and so far I am very impressed by the design. The game is all I hoped The Russian Campaign, Russian Front and Eastfront would be when I bought them, and then some. And on top of that it is much faster than any of the before mentioned games!

    BRIAN BERG ASKLEV HANSEN via Consimworld
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